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WhatsApp chat backups secure will be safer than before

WhatsApp chat backups secure will be safer than before: A very special feature is going to come in WhatsApp. This will make WhatsApp chat backups secure. Currently, WhatsApp chat is encrypted and this messaging app can be locked with a password. But, cloud backups of WhatsApp chat are neither encrypted nor password protected. Now WhatsApp is going to bring password-protected and encrypted chat backups for iCloud and Google Drive. This is said by WABetainfo, a website tracking the features of WhatsApp in one of its reports.

Your WhatsApp chat backup will be protected by a password
WABetainfo has stated in its report that this new feature of WhatsApp is in the works. Using the password in this new feature, users will be able to protect their WhatsApp chat backups. That is, no person will be able to access their chat backups. WABetainfo has shared some screenshots of this new feature of WhatsApp, which shows that both iOS and Android users will get this feature.

At least 8 characters can be password
A screenshot shared by WAbetainfo states, ‘You can set a password to prevent anyone’s access to your iCloud drive backup, which will be used to encrypt future backups.’ Another screenshot states that when you restore your chat backup, you will need a password. App, users will confirm their phone number and will be asked to select a password at least 8 characters long. Another screenshot states that WhatsApp will not help recover forgotten passwords.

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