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Unacademy, India’s largest e-learning platform hacked, passwords of more than 20 million students, Email leaked

India’s largest e-learning platform Unacademy has been hacked. According to US-based security firm Cybele, hackers have hacked their servers and stolen the information of more than 22 million (approximately 22 million) students. This detail is now being sold online on the Dark Web. These included details of employees of Wipro, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Google, and Facebook.

According to a report by security firm Cybele, Unacademy has leaked 21,909,707 data valued at US 2,000.

Hacked username, Email ID, account status
According to the report, the data leaked from the Una Academy website includes much important information such as students’ username, password, last login date, e-mail ID, full name, account status, and account profile. Explain that the market value of Unacademy is 500 500 million (about Rs. 3,798 crores).

Hemesh Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Unacademy, said, “According to our data analysis, we believe that some information of 11 million students has been leaked. Confirm the leaks. “He further said that the data of the students is completely secure. We are closely monitoring the situation. We use SHA256 hash with the PBKDF2 algorithm to keep the data encrypted. They also use a based login system, which acts as an extra layer on users’ security.

Explain that Unacademy has recently received US 11 million in funding from Facebook, General Atlantic, and Sequoia.

Advice to change the password immediately
According to Siebel, hackers are currently putting students’ data for sale only, after which they can access the information. In this case, the firm has advised non-academy students and teachers to change their passwords immediately.

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