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Trinamool committee meeting, these new faces may come in the list of candidates

Trinamool congress committee meeting, these new faces may come in the list of candidates : Voting day has been announced. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see which party will field which candidate. In this context, a meeting of the Trinamool Election Committee is being held today. According to sources, the members of the committee are going to decide on the list of candidates today. There is no end to the interest in who will get a place in that list. There has been a lot of speculation as several new faces have joined the team lately. Ghasful Shibir wants to emphasize these conditions on the news, new faces and images of the sources.

According to sources, this time the number of candidates below 40 years of age will be more. The party is paying special attention to the female candidates. Besides, the possibility of changing the seats of several heavyweight leaders and ministers is not going to be ruled out. Several youth leaders may be nominated

Let’s take a look at the Trinamool Congress candidate list may have a new face –

1- Candidate can be Sudip Raha Youth Leader.
2- Candidate can be Debangshu Chakraborty.
3- Candidate can be Suprakash Giri.
4- Candidate can be Devraj Chakraborty.
5- Candidate can be Uma Saran.
6- Candidate can be Chhatradhar Mahato.
7 -Candidate can be Soumik Dev.
8- Candidate can Soham Chakraborty.
9- Candidate can be Raj Chakraborty
10-Candidates can be Kanchan Mallik.
11- Candidate can be Manoj Tiwari.
12- Candidate can be Sayoni Ghosh.
13-Candidate can be Sudeshna Roy.
14- Candidate can be Ananya Chatterjee.
15-Can be a candidate Former IPS Humayun Kabir.
16-Can be a candidate Trincomalee Chatterjee.

Rajesh Lakra and Arindam Guin may also be on the list.

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