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Sasikala achieved this feat in Tamil Nadu politics, Elections 2021

Tamil Nadu Elections 2021, How Sasikala achieved this feat in Tamil politics: Story of Sasikala: The Sasikala saga begins with the inclusion of Jayalalithaa in the AIADMK in 1982 with the late CM MG Ramachandra. In 1983, he was made Propaganda Secretary. Jayalalithaa was giving a speech in Cuddalore, during which the relationship between the two began.

Vivekanandan Krishnadevi Sasikala (Vivekanandan Krishnaveni Sasikala) was born in 1957 in Mannargudi. Sasikala’s parents Vivekanandam and Krishnadevi were farmers. He had four brothers – Sundaravadanam, Jayaraman, doctors Vinodagan and Devaharan and a sister Vanithamani. He was not rich, but came from the dominated Kallar community. Sasikala and her husband Natarajan made a quiet start, but later headed to the Mannargudi Mafia due to closeness to former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa. It is said that Sasikala made Tamil Nadu her fief.

The Sasikala saga begins with the inclusion of Jayalalithaa in the AIADMK in 1982 with the late CM MG Ramachandra. In 1983, he was made Propaganda Secretary. Jayalalithaa was giving a speech in Cuddalore, during which the relationship between the two began. Natarajan was a public relations officer in the state government, posted in Cuddalore. He introduced his wife to Jayalalithaa through IAS officer VS Chandralekha. Shortly after this, Sasikala became one of Jaya’s close friends.

The relationship between the two women began such that Sasikala, who runs a video parlor company, started arranging for videography of Jayalalithaa’s programs, including marriage, marriage, and politics. During this time, MGR was realizing that Jayalalithaa trusts Sasikala. He asks Sasikala to take care of Jaya and take care of the house. Since then, Shashi became a part of the Pose Garden residence.

After MGR’s demise in 1987, Jayalalithaa, on the advice of Sasikala (Natarajan), filed a claim for the post of CM in the 1989 assembly elections. When the domination of Shashi’s home was completely frozen, Jaya asked Natarajan to leave the house in 1990 due to differences. Shashi continued to live with Jaya and kept believing that he was away from Natarajan. Jaya did not know that Natarajan’s mind is behind Sasikala’s advice. Even after 30 years, Jaya was confident that the two were far from each other.

However, it was Natarajan who established relations between Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad Yadav, LK Advani, Kanshi Ram, Mayawati and other leaders. It is said that Natarajan opened a college in Uttar Pradesh with the blessings of Kanshi Ram. Shashi and Nat arajan prepared a list of candidates for Jaya’s party, controlled the entire AIADMK, and when Jaya became CM in 1991, she had a strong hold over the entire administration.

As the friendship between Sasikala and Jayalalithaa was flourishing. As such, the Kallar community was also becoming stronger. The community had a strong hold in the government. Jayalalithaa sought to take advantage of its vote bank with the community coming together. In a few years, this family spread its wings all over Tamil Nadu and took hold of the government like the vice-president.

All meetings and agreements were stamped. Many major decisions of the party and the government went through them. The family controlled the IAS and IPS through a network of private secretaries, police officers. A private secretary kept watch over every minister and used to give full knowledge of the activities to Sasikala. Nothing could have happened without his consent. If the minister had raised any question, he would have been removed from the cabinet within 24 hours. It was enough to tell everyone that no one will question Shashi’s decision and no one can meet Jaya.

Shashi used to keep an eye on all the land related agreements coming to the state registration department. If Sasikala’s family was interested in the property, then the buyers were asked to retreat. After this, the property was acquired by paying a lower price to the owner. If the industrialists had to set up the factory, then they had to pay a big price to complete the deal. If an IAS officer raised any question on it, he was replaced by another officer.

Relationships sprung from here
In the first term between 1991-96, Jayalalithaa faced several charges against the cremation shed scam, free sari dhoti scam. Jaya and Shashi’s family had a large-scale property in Kodaikanal and suburban Chennai in their court. Some companies were also involved in these. Many of these companies had Jaya and Shashi as directors. Money was invested at home and abroad. These include those assets which were purchased from Jaya’s bank account. These undisclosed assets had come up in the case. (Apart from the TANSI land case, which led to him leaving office. The case with undisclosed assets proved to be crucial. Jayalalithaa and Shashi were found guilty in Bangalore trial court after many years.)

Meanwhile, Jaya adopted Shashi’s nephew VN Sudhakaran as his son. She was married to Shivaji Ganesan’s granddaughter in 1995. A new round of controversy had started regarding the unaccounted expenses incurred on ordinary marriage. Jaya, Sasikala and their family members were seen laden with large quantities of gold jewelery, due to which they were away from the general public. Later the AIADMK lost the election and Jaya lost power in 1996. After the elections, some senior party members.

When Jaya came to power again in 2001, the police started taking action against Sudhakaran. After which he was jailed on charges of possessing drugs. Shivaji Ganesan demanded Jaya to release Sudhakaran with his daughter, but Jaya rejected this demand. Ganesan left the world unhappily. After a brief separation, Jaya asks Shashi to return home and the two together ruled the AIADMK from 1996 to 2011.

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