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Prashant Kishor said to Bengal Only Wants its Own Daughter

Prashant Kishor said to Bengal Only Wants its Own Daughter:  Putting an end to speculation, the election schedule of eight-point Bengal elections has been published. And as soon as the voting bell rang, Prashant Kishore was active again. Last time he said, BJP will not be able to cross double digits. This time, Prashant Kishore said in the familiar manner of giving a challenge once again, the people of Bengal will adopt the girl of the house.

Prashant Kishore wrote on his Twitter handle around 10:00 am on Saturday that the mastery of defending democracy in the country will be fought from Bengal. And the people of Bengal are ready to give a message in that fight. They are determined to throw the right card in time. What’s that card? In response to Prashant, the new slogan of Trinamool-Bangla wants its own daughter.

This is where Prashant Kishore stopped. He reiterated his challenge and said that he would be held accountable if he did not agree with the election results. In other words, he is asking to take the tweet as his last word.

A few days ago, the Trinamool launched a slogan with fanfare. In the past, the popularity of slogans like Maa Mati Manush to Badla Nai Badal Chai has given a huge dividend to the grassroots. This time, the Trinamool wanted a mouth-watering slogan during the real difficult time for the party.

Come forward – Bangla wants his daughter the slogan. Like observers, the slogan of these five words is the fruit of much thought. Here the ‘external’ versus Bengali theory is kept alive. Besides, the image of Mamata Banerjee’s house girl is kept alive. The role of Prashant Kishore and his faction in making this slogan is no less. Prashant Kishore, however, has not uttered a word about this in the past. This is the first time he has played the slogan and shared a poster with the slogan in a challenging manner. Now let’s see how much this brainstorm is running.


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