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Play continues in Bengal BJP claims – Mamata lost to Nandigram

Play continues in Bengal BJP claims – Mamata lost to Nandigram

The counting of votes for the recently concluded assembly elections in West Bengal continues. In this assembly election, controversy has started about the most talked about and high-profile seat of Bengal, Nandigram. Where it was earlier said that Mamta Banerjee has defeated Shubhendu Adhikari by 1200 votes here, now BJP has claimed that Shubhendu Adhikari has defeated Mamta Banerjee here. According to TV reports, Mamta Banerjee has also accepted her defeat during the press conference. However, TMC has given information on its official Twitter handle that the counting of votes in Nandigram is not complete yet and no one should speculate.

Amit Malviya, head of BJP’s IT cell, said- this is a big deal. The current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has lost to Nandigram. Shubhendu Adhikari of BJP won by 1622 votes. After this defeat, does he have the moral right to continue as the chief minister? Their defeat marks the victory of TMC.

Mamata Banerjee was successful in taking the lead in the last few stages after losing several rounds to Shuru. The contest between the two had become quite interesting. Sometimes Mamata was leading, sometimes Shubhendu officials were taking the lead.

Nandigram Seat Counting Highlights:

>> Mamata Banerjee has been congratulated by the Union Defense Minister and senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh on TMC’s victory in West Bengal.

>> 17th round counting continues at Nandagram. In this Mamta Banerjee was leading by 820 votes.

>> The battle in Nandigram is getting interesting. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was trailing BJP candidate Shubhendu Adhikari by 6 votes after 16 rounds of counting.

>> According to the latest information, 42,574 votes have been cast in the account of BJP candidate Shubhendu Adhikari in Nandigram. At the same time, Mamata Banerjee is second with 35337 votes.

>> After trailing for several rounds, now Mamata Banerjee has overtaken Shubhendu Adhikari in Nandigram. She is currently leading by 2700 votes.

>> After counting six rounds, Shubhendu Adhikari is leading by 7262 votes.

>> According to Election Commission website, 40586 votes have been counted in Nandigram. Of these, 23495 votes have been cast in Shubhendu Adhikari’s account and 15294 in Mamta Banerjee’s account.

>> tell you the trends of 289 seats have been revealed. Of these, TMC was leading in 177 seats and BJP was leading in 107 seats. However, Mamata Banerjee is trailing continuously on the Nandigram seat.

>> The third round count has been completed in Nandigram. BJP candidate Shubhendu Adhikari continues to lead. He is leading by Mamta Banerjee by over 8100 votes.

>> In Nandigram of West Bengal, BJP candidates are leading by 4551 votes. Mamata Banerjee is trailing after the second round of counting. This can be a problem for TMC. Let us tell you that the BJP gave the slogan ‘Nandigram-Jai Shriram’ here.

>> On Nandigram seat, Shubhendu Adhikari is leading by around 1500 votes.

>> According to you, till date, the trend of 179 seats has come up. Of these, TMC is leading in 91 and BJP is ahead in 87. Currently, zero seats are left in the left.

>> Nandigram seat is hit by a thorn. Shubhendu Adhikari has once again taken the lead.

>> Mamta Banerjee has taken the lead for the first time in the early trends. Counting of votes continues.

>> In the early trends, the silver of the leaders joining BJP after rebelling from TMC is visible. Apart from Shubhendu Adhikari, Rajab Banerjee is also leading. At the same time, some ministers of the Mamta government are being asked.

>> Let me tell you that Mamta Banerjee was hurt in Nandigram itself. He had alleged that he was pushed by some people during the public relations campaign.

>> Mamata Banerjee’s supporters say that whatever may be the initial trend, the victory will be of Mamat Banerjee.

>> According to ABP News report, among the early trends, Mamata Banerjee is trailing in the Nandigram seat. BJP’s Subhendu officer increases

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