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Mithun Chakraborty said, ‘I want to work for the poor.’

The man who completed the circle by turning almost all the ‘houses’ in Bengali politics, ‘Mahaguru’ Mithun Chakraborty said, ‘I want to work for the poor.’

Gouranga Chakraborty was then studying at the Scottish Church College. At the same time, the fire of student politics came to the mind of the college student. He was involved in Naxalite politics. Education, North Kolkata, and politics are far away in the mind of the boy, so there is no thought of becoming a movie hero. Rather, the dream of social change is in his eyes. The boy’s sudden death shook the boy’s heart. Moved away from politics, returned to the safe surroundings of the family. Then I moved to Bombay. Although it is rumored that his life was in danger due to political reasons, he left his place and crossed the Arabian Sea. Name changed. Then how much water flowed through the Ganges. From ‘disco dancer’ to superstar, re-entering politics in the company of ‘Subhasada’, grassroots closeness since 2011, becoming a Rajya Sabha MP from Ghasful Shibir, this time he ‘fulfilled his dream’ in the company of Narendra Modi. The man who completed the circle by turning almost all the ‘houses’ in Bengali politics, ‘Mahaguru’ Mithun Chakraborty said, ‘I want to work for the poor.’

The struggle of Mithun’s life to become a Mumbai star from the streets of North Kolkata can be instructive to anyone. Mithun himself has repeatedly said, ‘Look at me, I am in this place today because I fought.’ Haq speaks. However, many have said that the political sweetness has always remained a mystery. Joining the BJP today from far-left politics, no one has been able to keep Mithun tied before. Just as he moved away from the Left even after the death of Subhash Chakraborty, who became a family man, so did Sarada Kand, the two-year-old Trinamool MP who widened the distance from her ‘sister’ Mamata, today become ‘Yudhan’.

When Narendra Modi’s convoy was blowing dust in the brigade on Sunday, Mithun’s speech was over. And in that few minutes of speech, ‘MLA Fatakest’ was also in full form. Standing in front of the crowd at the request of a thousand heads, the ‘Bengali Babu’ Mithun with a dhoti-Punjabi-hat head is going through one hot dialogue after another. Chirchena says, ‘I will die here, the body will fall in the crematorium.’ And the brigade shook his head and made it clear that he was standing in a kind of vote, saying, ‘I am giving another new dialogue, this is what everyone will say for me from now on ….. Pictures! I will always be with you. ‘ A large section of the political circles say that the BJP has assured Mithun of a big position. And Mithun himself did not rule out that possibility. Will ‘Minister Phatakest’ be seen in reality this time? To the question of the media, the answer of ‘Mahaguru’ is, ‘Maybe.’ Even the speculation of making Mithun the Chief Minister seemed to increase several times. In attacking Mamata Banerjee, the ‘daughter of the house’, Narendra Modi himself called Mithun the ‘son of the house of Bengal’. Observers of Bengal politics are reluctant to downplay this identity.

After the meeting of the brigade, Mithun arranged his speech. “Now everyone wants to know why I am in the BJP,” he told the media. I’ve done ultra-left politics, but haven’t. I was a Trinamool MP. I will not say, someone else was wrong. I would rather say it was my wrong decision. This time I am in BJP. In fact, I had a dream, to work for the poor. The Prime Minister said today, he will work for the poor. I think this group is thinking for the poor. That’s my goal, to work for those people. I have to hold someone’s hand for that. ‘ Mithun added from the fear that his image may become ‘selfish’ to the people by changing parties so many times, ‘Many may think me selfish. But I will look after the interests of the poor first. Kailasji, Dilip Da’ra have been working here for a long time. And now the time has come when the BJP will form the government in this state. And after building Sonar Bangla, I will be the proudest person. ‘

The Trinamool did not want to give importance to Mithun’s joining the BJP for natural reasons. When the vote is at the door, the house may fall apart if the focus shifts. That is why Mamata Banerjee did not utter a single word about Mithun’s participation from the stage in Siliguri. This time the distance with ‘sister’ became less than that of ‘Mithun Da’. Although the word ‘forever’ has always had value in politics. And Mithun Chakraborty is a complete politician from now on.

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