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Lokesh and Premchand were killed on Thursday night for cleaning in the septic tank

Delhi: Two laborers killed for cleaning in the septic tank, family uproar

Lokesh (35) and Premchand (45) were killed on Thursday night while cleaning the septic tank at Pearl Grand Banquet Hall in Patparganj Industrial Area. Both the laborers lived with a family in Trilokpuri 8 block. The fire brigade took them out of the tank and rushed them to a nearby hospital, where both were declared dead.

His relatives have accused the banquet hall owner of negligence. The police have registered a case of negligence. According to the police, both of them died due to poisonous gas or drowning, it will be revealed in the post-mortem report.

According to District Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepak Yadav, Premchand, originally a resident of Aluda village in Dausa, lived with four brothers, wife, and two sons of 15 and 12 years. On the other hand, Lokesh lived with his father Babu, and other families. Both were daily wage laborers. The police and fire brigade were reported to have drowned in the septic tank of two laborers at the Pearl Banquet Hall in Ghazipur village at around 10:30 pm on Thursday.

Rahul, who met on the spot, said that he does cleanliness in the banquet hall. He had called two people for cleaning the septic tank on the ground floor at 7.30 pm. Both entered the tank at nine-thirty and there was no movement for half an hour. Even after making a lot of noise, he did not get any response, so he informed the police.

The fire department removed both of them after a lot of effort through the tools, their bodies were covered with mud. On being taken to the nearby Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, doctors declared him dead. During interrogation, Rahul stated that the workers were not given any safety equipment before landing in the septic tank.

Rahul told the police that he had talked to Lokesh to clean the tank. They had to get three thousand rupees for cleaning. According to the rule, workers cleaning sewer or septic tanks should have safety equipment such as oxygen masks, helmets, gloves, but both of them had nothing.

Bhai Chandra Prasad says that Premchand did not want to go for cleaning the septic tank on Thursday evening. He left after Lokesh insisted. Lokesh had taken Premchand to his house.

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