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In Rajasthan BJP, Dev Darshan’s contest between Vasundhara Raje and Satish Poonia from Sunday

Rajasthan Politics, The super hit contest of political philosophy from Dev Darshan in Rajasthan BJP is starting from Sunday. Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and state president of the party Satish Poonia are coming to visit temples in different places.

Rajasthan, ‘Sangram in BJP’ ahead of by-election, Dev Darshan’s competition between Vasundhara Raje and Satish Poonia from Sunday: In Rajasthan BJP, the superhit contest of political philosophy with Dev Darshan is starting from Sunday. Where the former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje will start a two-day Dev Darshan Yatra with darshan and puja archana at Giriraj temple in Govardhan, Bharatpur on Sunday. At the same time, on Sunday, Rajasthan BJP President Satish Poonia will offer prayers to the mother at Tripura Sundari in Banswara. Poonia will take the blessings of victory in the four assembly by-elections from her mother. Because only on the results of four by-elections, political power and future of Poonia will be decided.

Vasundhara Raje has deep faith in Tripura Sundari. Every time Raje sits at the feet of her mother in Tripura Sundari temple at the time of election results. She has been coping with every political crisis- challenge and making a new beginning with the philosophy of mother Tripur Sundari. This time Satish Poonia is reaching to take the blessings of the mother. Raje is currently competing with Satish Poonia in the party.

Raje will show political power

There will be no meeting or rally in Vasundhara Raje’s Dev Darshan Yatra. Still the crowd will not be less than any rally or gathering. There will be an open demonstration of Raje’s political power. Not only Bharatpur district, Raje supporters of the division will include leaders, MLAs, former MPs, former ministers. Vasundhara Raje’s birthday is on March 8. But the day before his birthday, there will be an arena of political power of Govardhan Raje.
Raje faction dominates Bharatpur. BJP was beaten up in Bharatpur district from panchayat to local body. On the pretext of this visit, Raje will try to show that he is the face of the people from Rajasthan to the party. This journey of Raje for the face of CM in the 2023 assembly elections will be a trailer to show the party.

Preparations to fade Raje’s journey in BJP itself

The BJP also made preparations to fade the political journey of Vasundhara Raje. From March 6 to March 14, the BJP decided against the Gehlot government on the problems of the general public at the sub-division level. In this demonstration of the party, from the office bearers of the organization to the MLAs to participate.

It will be difficult in front of Raje’s supporters whether they will follow the party’s order or go on Raje’s Dev Darshan Yatra. BJP MLA Pratap Singh Singhvi, close to Raje, said that this is a personal visit of Raje, party leaders, activists who want to join can be. But the Congress has tightened up. Transport Minister Pratap Khachariwas said that BJP’s discord came to the fore with Raje-Poonia’s visit.

Vasundhara Raje’s Dev Darshan Tour Program

On March 7, at 9.30 in the morning, Tattri Lautha of Bharatpur will reach Jaipur. The helicopter will visit the temple at 10.30 am in Tathri Loutha. At 11 am from Askari Lautha, she will go to Giriraj temple in Govardhan. 11.40 Worship in Danaghati temple. Adi Badri will arrive at six in the evening. The night will be rested in Adi Badri.
At Adi Badri, thousands of people will gather in the night to attend the religious program at five o’clock in the morning and attend the aarti. After this, you will accept birthday wishes. Will go to Kedarnath temple at 12.30. After Pooja and lunch, will again go to Dholpur from Kedarnath.

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