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How Pakistani actress Mahira Khan got Raees with Shahrukh Khan

How Pakistani actress Mahira Khan got ‘Raees’ with Shahrukh Khan: Beautiful actress Mahira Khan is counted among the leading actresses of Pakistan. Mahira has also worked in the film with Shah Rukh Khan, called the King of Romance of Bollywood. In such a situation, today, let us tell you how Mahira Khan got the opportunity to work with Shahrukh Khan in the film Raees.

Big movie pick up
Speaking about Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, Mahira Khan had said in an event, ‘My phone was ringing repeatedly, then a message came – Big Film Pick Up. Seeing the message, I said that nothing will be fun. I will definitely take this call. I said hello, they said that this film, that film, like that…. I could not understand which film was being talked about and on the second day I was coming back to Karachi.


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Understanding from Excel production
Mahira went on to say, ‘When he told that there is an Excel production, I understood something, because he has made very good films. After that he said okay if you can meet tomorrow then we will meet with the director. So I woke up in the morning, met him and he told me the story, but he kept the Shahrukh Khan secret. After this, I also google what movie is this. But I did not think that I can come opposite Shahrukh Khan, well the other day he called me for an audition, I gave the audition and the talk was over.

Shahrukh Khan’s heroine
At the event, Mahira further said, ‘After a few days, her call came and she said that your role is final, I said what is the role? He said- You are the heroine of Shahrukh Khan. I said- OK, can you send me the script? He said – what man, this is Shahrukh Khan. I said in my mind – hey you are telling me, I love him. But then on the phone I said if you can send me the script and he was very nice, he sent me the script.

Funny story at home
Mahira Khan further said, ‘What happened at my house after this was also very funny. I made everyone sit together in my house, it was getting very late at night, I said something to tell all of you. I said that I want to do a film in India, so my mother said – what are you talking about, what is this. Abba said- Okay, say it right next. After that I said that the film is with Shah Rukh Khan.


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Amma started crying
While photographing her Amma at the event, Mahira said, ‘My Amma started crying after hearing this and said- You are lying. I said no, I am not lying, she said again – no you are lying. She said – Tumka is filming with Shahrukh Khan. I said – yes then, Amma said – I do not know, this girl has done very good things in life. At the same time my father said – You are sure, are you not? They too started to google about the film just like me.

Dua was asked by Allah
At the end of the interview, Mahira Khan said, ‘What happened at my house was quite funny because no one could believe that I was working with Shahrukh Khan. At the same time, when I was a child, I used to pray to Allah that I have to work with Shahrukh Khan.

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