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Google blocks more than 5,000 ‘bad ads’ every minute in 2019, explains why

Google said on Monday that it blocked and removed a total of 2.7 billion ‘bad ads’ in 2019. This figure is more than 5,000 per minute. The company also suspended more than 1 million advertisers for violating the rules as part of its efforts to protect users from misleading advertisements. The company also found that during the Covid-19 epidemic, there was a sharp rise in fake advertisements for products with high demand such as face masks.

Google said in a blog post, ‘To maintain the integrity of the advertisements on our platforms, as we have been doing during the Covid-19 epidemic, we work every day to stop our rules that violate and malicious elements We do. Thousands of our people a

re working to ensure the safety of users.

In a post written by Google’s vice president (product management advertising privacy and security) Scott Spencer, it said that 2.7 billion ads were blocked and removed in 2019.

The blog stated, ‘We have also suspended about 10 lakh advertiser accounts for violation of rules. Speaking of the publisher, we have eliminated 1.2 million accounts and removed advertisements from over 21 million web pages.

The blog stated, ‘People rely on Google whenever they are looking for information, and we are committed to ensuring that they can also trust the ads they see on our platforms. This commitment especially matters in times of uncertainty like the Covid-19 epidemic. ‘Google said that since the beginning of the Kovid-19 epidemic, the company tried to protect users from ads trying to take advantage of the crisis. Is closely monitoring.

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