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Free admission Engineering, Law, ITI in Mahatma Gandhi University

Free admission Engineering, Law, ITI in Mahatma Gandhi University: Corona has devastated many families and many children have lost their parents. In this catastrophe, Mahatma Gandhi University has come forward to help Meghalaya Students. The university has decided to give free education to students whose parents have died due to corona and they are facing difficulties in pursuing further studies. University administration has decided to provide education to such needy students for free.

Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University Rajan Chopra says that due to Corona many students have lost their parents, due to which they are facing difficulties in further studies. On the b a

sis of humanity, the Mahatma Gandhi University administration has decided to provide free education to all such needy students. Rajan Chopra said that B.A. of Needy Students University. One can enroll in courses like MA, B Forma, D Forma, Law, MLT, DMLT and continue further studies for free. He said that the university administration will provide free education as well as books for free. Needy students can contact the University Administration on the numbers given below and email.

Rajan Chopra further said that apart from Mahatma Gandhi University, needy students who had lost their parents in the Corona crisis, Mahatma Gandhi Universe Institute and Dayanand Dinanath Institute Technology College located on Kanupar-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh. One can get education for free by enrolling in Tech, BBA, MBA, BSc, and ITI. Rajan Chopra said that Excel Book Publication House has decided to give books of management, IT and technical courses to needy students for free.

Rajan Chopra has been taking part in social work and he has been teaching students by giving free scholarship for many years. In the Corona crisis, he has helped people by giving oxygen cylinders, medicines and food on a large scale. In the ISBT area of ​​Delhi, since last April, hundreds of people have been continuously feeding them free food. Last year too, at the time of lockdown, he along with Delhi Police provided food to thousands of people for free.

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