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CCSU Exam 2021 Chaudhary Charan Singh University and rules of living for students, 470 students filled wrong forms

CCSU Exam 2021 Chaudhary Charan Singh University and rules of living for students, 470 students filled wrong forms: Rules made to give relief and order between Corona infection have become the backbone of both the Chaudhary Charan Singh University and the students. Students got stuck in university rules due to delayed main exams and then delayed back papers. The university did not give the students with back papers a chance in the final this year in the proposed main examination from April 10 onwards. However, the company filled the examination forms of 470 final-year students. Due to mistakes, these forms have been disabled while students have submitted printouts in colleges.

Relief in the bank every year, University missed in Corona
In the final year back, the university has not given a chance to students who have not filled the form in the bank this year or who have not given the paper despite the application. In the past years, the university used to conduct the main examination in March and did their back paper in September-October. Students who could not fill the back form or were not able to give the paper after filling it had a chance to fill the back form with the main examination. The university continued to do so in general conditions in the interest of the student, but this year the university gave a shock to the students in the circumstances of the epidemic. The final year main exams in 2020 were held in September. In this, the university gave the students a chance in January 2021 by filling the back form. But the students who could not fill the form or give the paper in the 2020 back examination in January-2121, the university did not get them to fill the form this time, whereas, like previous years, this relief of the students could be given. In such a situation, thousands of students are being killed in the campus and colleges, but the university claims to have conducted the back examination in January itself, now how to fill the form. However, the reality is that this system in the university has been going on for years and in the event of an epidemic this year could have been given benefits.

470 students filled form against the rules, now a paper crisis
Despite the rules, 470 students have also filled the form of final year back in the university, while thousands of students are being killed. These forms were also submitted in colleges, but on finding the mistake, these forms were removed from the login. Colleges are upset about what to do. Students have submitted fees and forms, so they would like to take the exam. If prevented from examination, 470 students will either create a ruckus on campus or go to court. According to registrar Dhirendra Kumar, the university will get these student’s papers, but the question is what is the fault of thousands of students who did not take advantage of the university’s error.

Forms not verified in colleges, promotions in university
Due to Corona, the university promoted all the students who had completed the form last year to the next class. But in this hundreds of students were also promoted whose colleges did not verify the examination form itself. They do not even have a record company. But students have promotion mark sheets and are demanding exams in the next class. In this screw of rules, not only BA, BCom but also B.Ed and M.Ed students also passed.
How to take exams, not one-month admission

The M.Ed. session at the university is running late. The counseling was completed only last month. The university has recently ordered the first semester exams to be held in April, but the college and students argue about how the six-month course will be completed in a month. There is also a limit for additional classes. How will they give the paper? Since the university has received instructions from the government, orders for the examination have been given. Students are stuck in the rules.

Late fees imposed on all, fees of students deducted
The university obliged the students who submitted the form after the last date in the annual examination to pay a late fee of Rs 250 per day. There was an obligation to deposit this fee only after coming to the campus, but the company applied this order to everyone. On Saturday, LLB students were charged 14 days a late fee of Rs 3500. When the colleges raised objections, the matter reached the registrar. According to the registrar, it has been removed immediately. The company will compensate the students whose fees have been deducted.

Tomorrow’s deadline for B.Ed. and examination form.
The last date for submission of the printout of the B.Ed Final Year Examination Form and Form for Annual Examination at Chaudhary Charan University is tomorrow. Students can complete the prescribed process.

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